Query is code

With Daobab, you may build a database queries as a regular Java code.

You may build queries directly into your code, anywhere you want.

There is no need to build a special dao layer providing a dedicated methods, although you may do so, if you like.

Since your SQL is a Java code, IDE will be with you, all the time.

You won't be able to make a typos.

You won't be able to make a logical error into where clause.

You won' be able to provide incompatibly type into the query.

Daobab speeds up the development process and makes it a pleasure.
Although, you are working in java, you are always very near of the database, their structure and relations.

Doobab fully integrates OOP given by Java, with related architecture of the database. 

Move forward... Let's play with the queries.

Make them more sophisticated, use abstracts, join tables, group data, use SQL functions, sub-queries... and many more.

Everything as a Java.

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