Generated Columns

Each unique column has own interface

Daobab Generator collects all unique columns and creates a dedicated interface for each of them.

Column is unique when it unique pair name and type.

If more columns with the same name exists but have a different type, Daobab creates more interfaces. Such interfaces have some prefix added, to make their name unique. 

Interface collects some information about column and is generated to be implemented by entity.

Any details about column interface you may read also here.

Generator creates all interfaces into column package into package represented related database.

Manual modifications
Manual modifications are allowed.

Column Type refactoring
Keep in mind, some types might not be capable. For example regular text from String cannot be cast to BigDecimal. However, if you have numeric String, such modification may work.

Column name refactoring
For changing column name, keep in mind to change database column name, along with field name and all methods having the same name.

Adding user related methods
Feel free to add any of your code here. Please remember, Generator may override whole files and those methods as well, if run again.

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