Remove rows 

You may delete a particular PK entity or delete an entities matched by 'where' clause.

Above example, deletes only a particular entity having a Primary Key.

If you want to delete more rows, use a typical 'where' clause.

Take a look into execute() method.

If you use execute() without any parameter, Daobab executes delete into independent transaction.

Use execute(boolean transaction) if you want to use independent transaction as above (true) or you have already opened transaction and you want to delete within an external transaction (false)

Method execute(Propagation propagation) if you want to handle transaction propagation. Take a look into Transaction page for details.

If you want to delete a large area of data, there is a possibility to lock database. For such reason, start from select and delete each record independently. It takes more time, but it's safe way to delete much records:

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