The goal of this library

Daobab is a ORM library written in Java 8, but supports Kotlin as well.

It's built on pure Java8 functionalities.

For Kotlin, Daobab supports null-safetly

It's designed to bring a true Object Oriented connection between database structures and a Java or Kotlin.

Works independently, directly on JDBC.

The goal of this library is to create a SQL as a regular programming language.

Daobab avoids to build relations on the Entity level. Like in the SQL, it's up to you how you want to build relations (joins) for particular SQL query - when it's truly needed.

It's very easy to build a select SQL to retrieve particular column or bunch of columns from one or many tables.

Daobab threats the database as a source of data and avoids to create caches.
However, if buffers are needed, Daobab provides several functionalities to create it and make a query on them, in the memory.

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